Gravit GmbH


Gravit is a professional web-based design app that gives designers and non-designers the tools to create and share great looking work. It’s been featured in Forbes, TechCrunch, Smashing Magazine and countless other publications. It’s pretty cool.

As an online platform, Gravit needed a way of exporting finished designs to multiple file types. After seeing our work on jsPDF, the Gravit team wanted a piece of our sweet JavaScript action. With our unique experience of vector graphics, our remit was to add support for SVGs (Scalable Vector Graphics.)

The new functionality we created takes the internal representation of shapes, images and patterns – the things people design in the app – and converts them to logical SVG elements. It compensates for WebGL filters by rendering those parts to raster, with all other elements remaining as vectors. Hundreds of hours of careful development and quality control were carried out – we even created bespoke testing tools.

The platform has gone from strength to strength. With SVG gaining dominance on the web, it makes the tools that create them ever more important. Gravit were super happy with our help, and we’re looking at building on what we’ve done so far by exporting out to PDF.