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Reinventing web browsing with an innovative social media platform

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Create a social networking platform to foster meaningful conversations and content sharing, while reducing digital hate and misinformation.

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Chatloop is an ambitious social networking startup who sought out to reimagine the social media space. Our mission was to craft a cutting-edge social platform that would transform each web page into a dynamic social dialogue.

To achieve this, we needed to create a bespoke product with robust functionality that would foster meaningful conversations and content sharing while addressing issues such as digital hate, bullying, and misinformation.

Before our work began on the platform, we had the opportunity to extend our creative work with the brand. The initial concepts we inherited from the brand served as a springboard for our design evolution. We took the original colours and typography and transformed them into a comprehensive brand foundation document. This document became the inspiration for all the conceptual assets that were later used across various channels, including social media and print.

Additionally, Chatloop wanted to include common social networking features that users have come to expect, such as easy registering and managing a profile, personalisation, and trending topics.

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We began the project with an immersive discovery and analysis stage that allowed us to gain a deep understanding of Chatloop's ideas and objectives. This included virtual and in-person workshops, user research, competitor analysis, design inspiration, reviewing third-party tech platforms, risk analysis, and monetisation strategy development. By conducting this extensive research and analysis, we were able to identify the best approach and build functionality that would really benefit users.

A key element of the brand evolution was the selection of the “Ryker” font. Its looped nature perfectly encapsulated the essence of Chatloop, tying in seamlessly with the brand's identity and the direction we were heading with the app. This typography was more than just a simple aesthetic choice; it was instrumental in creating a cohesive and compelling brand identity.

This foundational brand work was instrumental in paving the way for the app development. It provided a clear visual and conceptual guide that informed our approach to the app's design and functionality.

We explored many different options, including forking an Open Source mobile browser, but realised that building a bespoke browser was the most effective approach to achieve the desired user experience. We knew that other browser implementations were too complex and would double or triple our UI iteration efforts.

To combat the prevalence of "bad actors" on the platform and promote a safe and welcoming environment (which is a common problem competitors have), we implemented facial recognition software to verify each user during account creation. By verifying each user's identity, we were able to reduce the spread of digital hate, bullying, and misinformation, and create a safer, more inclusive environment for all users.

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Using Scrum as our agile framework, our cross-functional team of designers, engineers, and delivery leads collaborated closely with Chatloop to build the platform's features for launch and plan and execute a comprehensive roadmap for future enhancements. Our team built the bespoke browser's address bar from scratch, taking into consideration details such as triggering search engines with just text entry, selecting all text with a single tap, and ensuring that users experience a seamless and frustration-free browsing experience.

Some of the other notable and challenging features built into the bespoke browser include:

  • Tab previews
  • Browser history with a search function
  • Bookmarking
  • Sharing links
  • Private browsing mode that requires a completely different security context

On top of the browser features, we layered the core app functionality of ‘dropping a loop’. When dropping a loop, users can highlight a section of a web page or an image and add a comment to start a conversation with other users. We then used Artificial Intelligence to power the automatic categorisation of content, to further enhance the user experience.

Alongside the internet browsing and interactivity features, we built in all of the social networking features that users expect. These include:

  • Registering, creating and managing a profile
  • Personalisation
  • The ability to follow and tag other users (prompting their content to show in the user’s feed)
  • Trending topics
  • Reactions

We’re immensely proud of the outcome and product and are looking forward to taking it further. 

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"We have formed an unrivalled team of tech and business experts, working alongside our partners at Parallax. This is a unique product that the teams have created, and brands are already telling us that they love. The support we have had from investors, brands, and potential customers, is unheard of. As well as being able to draw upon our advisory board of experts, means that we are quietly confident that beta testing will go smoothly.”
Andrew Barlow
Chatloop CEO