Nurturing Greatness

Our mission is to create an environment where people can grow, feel empowered, and produce their best work. We do this by creating a work life balance that works, ensuring leaders are visible and accessible as well as constantly investing in the growth and training of our team.

We offer freedom and support so people can be the best version of themselves

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Spotlight on growth & development

As well as clear progression framework, we prioritise development by dedicating time to it. We offer regular professional development and hack days so our team can learn, up-skill, and experiment in their chosen areas.

Socials to suit everyone

While we're not a 'family', we're a group of likeminded individuals who enjoy each other's company. Our social committee facilitates inclusive events and activities that allow everyone to connect, socialise, and share knowledge.

Hybrid & flexible working options

Years of experience have taught us that allowing our team to work in a way that suits them leads to better performance. By prioritising hybrid and flexible work styles, we create an environment where everyone is driven to succeed.

Progressive policies

Policies shouldn’t be copy and pasted from a template in order to tick a box. We ask our team what matters to them and create progressive policies that help them feel supported. Our policies cover everything from enhanced maternity pay to additional support for those going through the menopause.

Continuous improvement & drop-in sessions

We're always interested in what our team has to say and we make sure we take the time to listen. We hold a weekly drop-in clinic so people can share ideas and suggestions, so we can improve our culture and ways of working.

Charity & fundraising efforts

Part of our equitable approach is feeling empathy for those who are less fortunate than us. We adopt a socially conscious attitude to all our charity endeavours, from helping to feed the homeless at St George's Crypt to arranging fundraisers for charities like Mind.

We’re serious about health & wellbeing

It’s our responsibility to do everything we can to help our employees lead healthy, full lives.

We offer Bupa premium healthcare cover to all of our staff. This includes access to Bupa’s Healthy Minds service which offers support from trained experts.

We have Mental Health First Aid trained staff who can provide tailored support and we offer subsidised counselling if needed, with no time limit.

We prioritise realistic scheduling to make sure every workload is achievable.

Our Values

Always care

  • We create a nurturing environment for exceptional people
  • We’re passionate about what we do, and who we do it for
  • We cherish partnerships over projects

Be Commercial

  • We embrace your goals as our own
  • We deliver impact through innovation
  • We think big but start small and scale fast

Challenge it

  • We form strong teams to build better products and services
  • We take on your challenges and push ourselves to deliver
  • We earn your trust through great work

Stay curious

  • We design innovative solutions to complex problems
  • We listen first, and solve second
  • We test and learn to constantly evolve

Equity, diversity & inclusivity

While talent is evenly distributed, opportunities are not - so we’re committed to doing our part in addressing this imbalance.

Our mission is to be the top choice for employees, candidates, and customers by bringing out the best in people and providing everyone with equal opportunities
to achieve fulfilment.

Supporting young talent

Our academy initiative bridges the gap between education and full-time work and helps students to learn practical digital skills outside of the classroom.

We give students the opportunity to work alongside and gain knowledge from likeminded people from juniors right through to directors.

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