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We turn ideas into beautifully functional websites and applications.
We make the web work.

About Us

With clients all over the world and expertise in everything digital and marketing, we are ambitious, growing fast and committed to providing the best digital services. We have an impeccable track record for helping our customers gain popularity in the online world and beyond.

  • The beginning

    Parallax, originally Snapshot Media, was founded by four friends—Dario, Lawrence, Andy and James.

    Initially the company started as two separate businesses, one building websites and the other web applications, running from several bedrooms across the lovely city of York. The only plan was to create amazing things and see what happened from there.

  • Merger

    After working together so well, and having a lot of fun in the process, the founders of the two businesses decided that they could offer much more to their clients as a single business.

    The two companies merged and this was the official start of the business as we know it. As a unified business with a great balance of skills and talent this was also the start of something big.

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    It didn’t take long for the newly formed company to do something special.

    After not being able to decide what content management system to use we decided to build our own with a focus on usability and the first version of our new CMS was launched alongside our first client.

    Expose v1 had a text editor and allowed the user to replace images. It’s come a long way since then…

  • First Office

    As we were getting busier clients wanted to come and see us, so we decided to move on from the makeshift office in the living room.

    We found a space that allowed us all to work together and have client meetings in a more professional context. It was also 20 metres from a bar which was a big bonus. We also hired our first member of staff, Project Manager Tom, who is currently our longest serving member of the team.

  • Moving City

    We had an amazing year in York but found that a lot of our business was coming from Leeds, London and even the Middle East. We also needed to employ more people and that meant finding more space.

    We decided to move to Leeds and we haven’t looked back since. It’s a great city, with a lot of talented and ambitious people. Manchester and London next…

  • Rapid Growth

    We needed to grow the team, we were winning a lot of great projects and clients were coming back for more. We hired new designers, developers, project managers and copywriters to help us cope with the workload and drive the company forward.

    We went from 5 to 15 pretty rapidly, focusing on bringing in talented people ready to push us forward.

  • Rebrand

    We grew as a business, put in processes, won new clients, set ambitious targets and hit them. However we realised that our brand didn’t reflect who we were anymore so we needed to stir things up.

    The Snapshot Media brand had served us well but we decided to relaunch with a beautiful new name, identity, a more defined mission and a set of values that really reflected what we were about. Now we’re Parallax.

  • The Future

    We love being innovative and making amazing products for our clients and ourselves.

    We’ll continue to drive the agency forward through innovation and hard work.

    Watch this space… or just read our blog.

Meet The Team

We are a multidisciplinary team of developers, designers, strategists and marketing specialists.

Our Office

Located in the heart of Leeds city centre, our office sits on the middle floor of the Old Brewery

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The Old Brewery Leeds