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Katie Miles, Office Manager

Hello – Parallax a digital agency in Leeds and London

From the start, we only ever had one plan – to make a bunch of really cool things people actually found useful. And so, over the years, we’ve grown our talented team of developers, designers and marketers to continue this goal, tapping into new technologies and playing around with cutting-edge solutions. And what’s more, we’re only just getting started.

Simon Sterenborg, New Business

All work.

We see every project as a fresh opportunity – we approach each and every one from an exciting new angle. Thanks to our culture of teamwork and collaboration, we’re able to take complex concepts and make them a reality, channeling our talents to be as effective as possible for our clients. Just because something is designed to be useful, doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful or fun too. If you bring us an idea, we’ll bring it to life.

Parallax Decorations

All play.

We’ve always believed work should be stimulating. That’s how we ended up building a talented team of real human beings propelled by their own passions. We encourage everyone to use their favourite skills, learn on the job and work on what gives them pleasure. And we have a relaxed space to do all this, with perks like flexible working hours, gaming breaks, hack days, social lunches, great coffee and beer on tap. Life’s too short for work to be boring.

Parallax Agency team in Leeds

Meet the team

Set up by four friends — Dario, Lawrence, Andy and James — Parallax began life as two companies, one specialising in websites and the other in web applications. In true start-up style, we operated from several bedrooms across York. With so much business coming from nearby Leeds, merging together and moving cities was the next logical step. And we haven’t looked back since.

Lawrence Dudley


Andy Fitch


Dario Grandich


James Hall


Tom Faller

Associate Director

Simon Cook

Account Manager

Simon Sterenborg

Business Development Manager

Katie Miles

Office Manager

These brands think we're awesome. The feeling's mutual.

Nasa - Parallax Digital Agency Leeds and London
SAP - Parallax Digital Agency Leeds and London
Xbox - Parallax Digital Agency Leeds and London

We're not in this for the awards...

Year Type Organisation Client
2019Best website (budget under £70k) BIMA Leeds Bradford Airport
Northern Tech 100 GP Bullhound Parallax
Top 50 Agencies Prolific North Parallax
2017Winner of the Day CSS Reel Leeds Golf Centre
Honourable Mention Awwwards Viva le Velo
Honourable Mention One Page Love Set to Sweat
Honourable Mention Awwwards Parallax website
Site of the Day Best CSS Parallax website (Parallax)
2016 Honorable Mention Awwwards cap hpi
Site of the Day Awwwards Topple Trump
Website of the Day CSS Design Awards Topple Trump
2015 Site of the Day Awwwards Braking Badly
Honorable Mention Awwwards Introducing easyGym East Ham
Honorable Mention Awwwards Buses: The Weird and the Wonderful
(Arriva Bus & Coach)