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Glencore, a global FTSE100 mining corporation, was undergoing a period of significant change, with a new CEO leading the group. They had established their new guiding Purpose, Values and Code of Conduct and needed to communicate this to their global stakeholders, which includes over 140,000 employees across every continent.

To help Glencore achieve this, we worked closely with London-based purpose consultancy TBT and deployed expert teams to design, build and implement effective digital communication platforms across online and offline environments.

Our work with Glencore has covered many aspects from helping to communicate their new messaging in multiple countries and languages to evolving their visual identity across all of their digital platforms with an innovative, efficient and automated approach.

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Starting with purpose & values

Glencore recently established a new Purpose & Values and Code of Conduct, which prompted us to take on a fresh and modern approach to storytelling that would resonate with their diverse global audiences. However, shortly after we began, Europe went into lockdown, which caused major disruptions and hindered travel. Despite this setback, we quickly adapted and embraced an agile and remote working approach, collaborating closely with a wide group of global stakeholders to maintain momentum.

Working with a small cross-functional team, we took an iterative approach to designing interactive, accessible, and engaging content experiences, all of which were made available in 12 languages. In addition to online content, we designed and built innovative event experiences that artfully bridged digital storytelling with tactile physical experiences. These experiences featured large touch screens powered by physical objects, QR code-enabled global maps, and multi-language content interfaces on iPads attached to minerals.

Careful consideration of the customer experience, content design and interactive design created a seamless and enjoyable visitor experience, while everything was designed to be easily packed and transported to different locations.

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A truly global design system

After successfully launching the new experiences, Glencore wanted to evolve their digital design to match the new visual approach. Given the size and complexity of the organisation, this was a significant undertaking that encompassed many aspects of their visual brand identity and specific digital products and services.

To begin, we developed a comprehensive digital design system that facilitated the creation of modern web components and ensured consistency and efficiency across all digital experiences. This involved creating user interface design assets, content components, and templates for web pages and campaigns that were carefully crafted to support the brand's new visual identity. We built interactive prototypes that showcased motion, interactivity, and provided code that was easy to implement.

In parallel, work was underway to refine the brand identity, with a particular focus on modernising key aspects for digital applications. We worked closely with the branding team, ensuring that digital considerations were carefully integrated into the new branding changes as they were implemented in newer versions of the design system.

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A new corporate website and global rollout

With a new comprehensive design system in place, we began overhauling the existing Glencore corporate website. As well as giving it a huge visual upgrade, we set out to improve the user experience and address many of the pain points that users faced while navigating, searching, and grouping content.

Despite the challenges posed by the existing content structure, which had many levels and thousands of pages, we were able to improve the readability of content components and completely revamp the navigation and search features, which had previously caused frustration for all audiences searching for specific information.

To ensure a smooth rollout across the existing corporate and other global websites we supported the internal technical teams, automating the visual upgrades to ensure parity between older and newer component versions. This minimised the need for manual migration of content, thereby saving valuable time and resources.

Effective online resources

With the successful launch of the new website helping external stakeholders get the content they need, we moved onto helping other audiences. Leveraging the new design system, we created design prototypes for a range of internal and external areas, including the company intranet, employee onboarding, and e-learning experiences, to drive employee engagement across a diverse global workforce.

To showcase what was possible, we also designed a new investor centre that blended storytelling with financial and regulatory data-driven information, complete with interactive charts and diagrams.

To ensure Glencore's teams and partners were effectively using the new branding, we created a purpose-designed online brand hub that documented the new brand guidelines and rules. We then rolled out this hub to all countries and regions to support the local marketing team's efforts.

"I’ve worked with a lot of digital and communication agencies, and what sets Parallax apart is that they’re not just strong in strategy or creative, but also execution. The team helped us methodically work through what we needed (and broadened our horizons to new thinking), helped drive the creative process and then delivered some stellar work to tight deadlines. From Purpose and Values and Glencore's new Code of Conduct, to a completely redesigned corporate website, Dario and the team helped us transform how Glencore communicates through digital at a particularly challenging time. Collaborating with Parallax has been a pleasure, and they will be my go-to partner for future projects in digital strategy and communications."