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Unilever is a global consumer goods company with headquarters in London. It has established operations across the globe, including the largest deodorants factory in Europe, which is located in Leeds. At this state-of-the-art facility, a remarkable level of innovation takes place, propelling Unilever to its position as a global leader in the deodorant category. With a diverse range of household brands such as Lynx, Dove, Sure, and their international counterparts, Unilever owes its success to a team of exceptional researchers and scientists who drive the company's innovative breakthroughs.

However, despite the team's incredible efforts, their highly technical research can prove challenging to convey to non-scientific stakeholders.

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To demonstrate the potential of gamification, we rapidly developed a proof of concept that showcased the anti-bacterial benefits of Lynx. The resulting game, built with Three.JS and 3D webGL, allowed players to spray Lynx deodorant over a surface being rapidly taken over by bacteria. 

This success demonstrated how complex scientific concepts can be transformed into interactive, engaging storytelling experiences. As a result, we established a long-term partnership with Unilever, collaborating on numerous projects ranging from deodorant innovations to skincare initiatives with teams based in the USA.

Each project began with a comprehensive PowerPoint briefing from R&D representatives, which we transformed into byte-sized information using content design. Through animation and interactions, we enhanced the content to create dynamic interfaces that engaged stakeholders. 

Our approach to creativity often stemmed from the specific innovation of each project, inspiring unique ideas that became the backbone of the experience. For example, Unilever's plant-based innovations in skincare led us to design an elegant, plant-inspired microsite that featured leaves as part of the user interface.

We recognised the importance of balancing creativity and innovation with productivity and efficiency, striving to create exceptional experiences that were faster, better, and more cost-effective with each project. To achieve this, we adopted a test and learn approach, continuously making improvements after each project. We leveraged cutting-edge innovations, such as design systems, UI libraries, and low-code technology, to streamline the development process and drive efficiency. Through this approach, we successfully delivered remarkable results for Unilever while maximising productivity and value.

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Our solution transformed how Unilever communicated internal R&D innovations to various stakeholder groups, including the wider team and trade customers. Each project was approached with a unique perspective, but with a consistent focus on strong storytelling, design, and interactivity principles. We shifted away from legacy PowerPoint presentations, creating elegant, inspiring, and curated storytelling experiences that brought Unilever's innovations to life across various digital devices. 

These dynamic digital experiences allowed users to interact with the innovations in new and exciting ways, increasing engagement and understanding. Our approach not only elevated Unilever's communication strategy but also helped the company establish a reputation for innovative and engaging R&D communication.

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"The partnership with Parallax has been instrumental in landing our technologies with impact throughout the innovations’ lifecycle. It is a pleasure to keep building this partnership and communicating the best of our products via the engaging assets created by Parallax’s team."
Nivia Liba
R&D Claims & Activation Leader - Unilever