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Creating the world's first internet-controlled ice bath

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Bring the world's first internet-controlled ice bath to market and gain a competitive advantage in the sector.

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Brass Monkey builds premium ice baths for elite athletes and individuals interested in fitness and wellbeing, helping them to recover faster and enhance their performance through the use of ice therapy.

Their ambition and drive led them to seek out ways in which the ice bath space could be modernised and they looked to us to create the world's first internet-controlled ice bath. They wanted to give users ultimate control and flexibility to enhance their ice bath experience. For example, with an internet-controlled ice bath, a footballer can switch their bath on whilst still at the training pitch and by the time they get home, the bath is at the perfect temperature and ready to use.

Brass Monkey knows how to make great products, but they needed our expertise to digitise the experience, add smart functionality and build a companion app that was reflective of their premium heritage.

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We worked closely with Brass Monkey to understand their products, users, and operations. Ice baths and refrigeration products in general are complex products.

So, we spent time expanding our knowledge of refrigeration physics to understand how they function and learn how we can control them.

In parallel to this, our experience design team explored how users would benefit from the product, and how they could simplify the complexities to create a seamless experience for Brass Monkey customers.

Our approach covered every facet of device management for users too, including a seamless onboarding process for device installation and pairing, accessible FAQs and user guides, efficient over-the-air firmware updates, and a streamlined system for managing and replacing parts to ensure optimal maintenance.

As the project matured, and Brass Monkey saw the potential of connecting their products, they also wanted to focus on helping their operations team. To do this, we developed and deployed remote telemetry for users, giving support teams crucial information on the performance of a bath, wherever it’s installed in the world.

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The market-leading product utilised remote telemetry to not only benefit business operations but also improve the end user experience.

This advanced technology provided crucial support to users by detecting faulty components, pinpointing refrigerant gas leaks, and facilitating R&D to test new designs and components.

The polished user interface of the app and haptic feedback feature on the temperature dial created a premium feel which matched the Brass Monkey brand and messaging.

As our strategic partnership matured, the initial brief evolved substantially. Our consultative approach empowered us to pinpoint and map out future opportunities for the app, initially focusing on remote device management features. Subsequently, we broadened our scope to investigate remote scheduling, editorial content, health and activity tracking, and we continue to generate fresh ideas for further exploration too.

All these features, and the product itself, has enabled Brass Monkey to become a pioneer in their space.

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