CitiPark is a leading national car park operator with a major presence in Leeds, Manchester, and London. Since 2012 Parallax and CitiPark have been pushing boundaries through innovation in digital technology and marketing.

We devised and rolled-out a comprehensive digital strategy that modernised the car parking business and resulted in significant growth, new parking location launches and near doubling of profits since we started.

Starting from Scratch

CitiPark, a hugely successful division of TCS PLC, approached us without a clear digital strategy. The brand was looking dated, online channels ignored and their lack of online customer support was having a negative impact on the business.

Filling the empty spaces

We started by fixing the basics of their customer journey developing a strategy to attract new customers. This included a new conversion focused website and SEO strategy to target local search terms. From there we executed a number of engaging content and social campaigns to drive awareness and engagement with the brand. These campaigns included Braking Badly, a 3D block-graphics game, Bonkers for Conkers, a viral digital PR campaign as-well-as many others.

Content Marketing for a “Boring” Business

Another major area that needed work was customer retention. To build loyalty with the CitiPark brand we overhauled the social media and content strategy. We had to come up with creative content to promote what is essentially a concrete space with a few white lines painted on it. We focused on the good stuff, the reason people park in these cities, to experience the best each city has to offer.

Rapid customer growth

The digital strategy was in great shape but we needed a way to turn these extra website visitors into paying customers. We launched BaySentry, a mobile-first online season-ticket platform, to sell parking spaces to customers for a recurring fee. BaySentry reached £1 million in ARR in just 6 months. Following on from this we created a system to pre-book a parking space in peak times, guaranteeing a space but charging a premium.


Revenue and operating profits have increased every year since we started. By improving every part of the online customer journey, from driving mass awareness to improving retention, we were able to execute a hugely successful digital strategy, earning a massive ROI. We continue to work closely with the CitiPark team and are proud to have played a huge part in their growth.

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