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Well Good

We helped Well Good shake up the wellbeing industry by creating a personalised AI chatbot to act as a preventative solution for health problems within businesses.

Inside many businesses throughout the UK, emphasis is placed on the employee to act upon their mental health problems. They’re given a one-size-fits-all service that they’re expected to engage with and benefit from, which isn’t always helpful and may lead to the employee feeling alone or isolated with their problems.

Well Good is different. They’ve made it personalised.

The importance of positive mental health in the workplace

We spend most of our waking hours at work, so it goes without saying that we should feel content and happy whilst we are.

Pre-Covid, on average, employers would pay £1.7K per employee for absence and other related costs. Well Good want to reduce this cost, by reducing mental health issues in the workplace. Not only making it better for the employee but the employer too.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has had a significant impact on mental health-related problems, so the importance of approaching mental health in the workplace has become even more essential.

As a business ourselves, we agree with this ethos and couldn’t wait to get on board with Dan and Adam and help them with their vision of shaking up the digital wellbeing Industry.

Parallax’s part to play

The Goal

We knew Well Good wanted to approach wellbeing in the workplace differently.

We needed to enforce a process that enabled businesses to get a feel for their staff’s wellbeing within the company. Usually, this is done through lengthy, boring surveys – that wasn’t the way for Well Good. We created an AI-powered chatbot. We conducted Initial field trials with University students, where WhatsApp is predominant, so a WhatsApp bot became an obvious starting point.

With our experience creating chatbots for airports, we built upon this knowledge and got a quick PoC together.

  • We set a ‘product vision’ and fleshed out the target group, needs, unique product features, business goals, competitors, revenue sources, cost factors and channels.
  • Developed and built out wireframes to demonstrate the interface and functionality while being able to iterate early on
  • We set up daily standups with the client so they were informed in all aspects from decision making to progress
  • Reviewed and tagged progress through spring retros so we could check each stage and ensure it was running exactly how we wanted it to

Our Solution

We produced a bespoke admin interface to upload scripts, which the chatbot will take and turn into conversations. The AI chatbot integrates with businesses’ existing messaging services, and the refined chat adapters take into account the differences between each messaging platform, meaning the conversation is seamless.

Any analytics can be done on the underlying data instantly, and we developed a simple way for the client to produce charts and graphs, providing them with instant results.

These results offer data, insights and solutions for you, as an employer, to rectify any mental health problems before they turn into bigger issues.

We know that privacy is essential, so we made sure that email addresses, mobile numbers and any PII are encrypted from the very start.

Success Story

Well Good is now used by a mix of digital agencies, charities, including Mind, and a large social housing builder. It’s helping employers everywhere, put wellbeing first and, in turn, increase productivity amongst the team.

I’ve worked in and with some of the best digital agencies at home and abroad, but I have to say that Parallax Agency Ltd are a cut above and also I’m proud they are Leeds based.

The team have been essential to my personal Startup journey and getting Well Good to market with such a great product.

- Adam McNichol - Start-up Founder of Well Good.
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