April 26, 2023
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Parallax's Evolution as a Digital Consultancy Partner


Last year, we embarked on an exciting journey. Reflecting on the past 18 months, we've observed a shift in the challenges our clients face—challenges we're passionate about solving. To meet these needs, we've adapted our approach to work.

The traditional agency waterfall model promotes upfront decision-making and project-based production. In contrast, we maximise our impact and value by serving as an agile, consultative partner. We prioritise early problem-solving, understanding our clients' businesses, and developing long-term roadmaps for digital transformation.

Our roots are in complex software development so this transition felt like a natural step forward. Some of our earliest products include an LED billboard application for British Airways, remote car unlocking for Enterprise, a versatile content management platform, and an open-source library  that’s used by some of the biggest organisations in the world. With the rise of efficient low-code platforms such as Webflow, we now focus more on content and experience design, and less time on website development.

As our clients' needs evolve, so must we. That's why we made the decision to transition into something that accurately reflects how we work and our long-term partnerships with clients.

(Re)introducing Parallax... a digital consultancy, experience design, and software engineering partner for ambitious organisations. 

Our team sits at the core of this offering, shaping strategies and building new products, services and technologies to drive success through digitally-enabled change. We've invested heavily in new talent and fostered a culture that embraces a hybrid work-life balance through flexible working hours and home office tech, transparent progression, all-in-all making a significant impact on our clients' businesses through innovation.

"We’ve used our agency experience and a new consultancy model to create a way of working that delivers value and results to our clients. In a world where digital transformation is crucial for growth and success, companies need innovative, strategic partners who can help them navigate the digital landscape and the build the products and services their customers need. And that’s where Parallax prospers."

Dario Grandich - Founder/Director

We're excited to announce that we've undergone a brand refresh and launched a new website to better represent our innovative and strategic approach. Our aim is to make it easier for businesses to understand what we're all about, browse the work and results we've delivered, and showcase the expertise and experience we bring to the table.

Our previous website has served us well as a marketing asset since 2016, but our brand refresh has helped us transform and focus on our experience, people, and partnerships through new application guidelines and photography. We've refined our messaging to reflect our strengths in digital innovation, strategic thinking, and client experience.

We want businesses to know that we’re not just another digital transformation business – we’re a partner who is invested in their success. 

Our new website is designed to be intuitive, informative, and visually engaging. We've embraced the low-code revolution and agile development methodologies to launch the site using Webflow. We're proud to showcase our latest and greatest work through a range of new client partnerships; from launching a transformative new platform to transforming digital comms for a global organisation, and an app that remotely controls an innovative ice bath. Whether it's digital branding, product development, innovation across AI, IoT and low-code to technology consulting, we're committed to connecting commercial strategies and objectives with solutions and processes.

While Parallax has naturally evolved over time, our core values have remained the same. We always care, are commercial, challenge conventions, and stay curious. These values have been instrumental in shaping the innovative behaviours that make Parallax what it is today. Having seen fantastic results from adopting a more agile mindset and delivery approach, we've also developed clear principles that we share with prospective clients to define our approach and philosophy from the outset.

Overall, we’re thrilled with the outcome of our internal brand refresh and website launch. We’re confident that the new website will help us better serve our clients, and that our refreshed brand will resonate with businesses looking for a strategic digital partner. We’re committed to staying at the forefront of digital innovation, and we’re excited to see where the future takes us.

If you are looking for a strategic digital partner and would like guidance and support on your next project, please get in touch