Closing the digital skills gap at BIMA Digital Day 2022

Can you recall a time in the last five years when you didn’t use technology at least once during the day?

Whether you like it or not, digital is everywhere.

Every year, BIMA hosts a digital day whereby schools and students are given access to local companies that can offer skills and expertise in digital. It’s an excellent experience for students to broaden their career horizons and learn first-hand about the jobs available, but it’s also a great way to close the digital skills gap.

Often, young people aren’t aware of the opportunities out there, don’t know the different avenues they can go down to get into a digital career and don’t know whether they have the capabilities and skills to do so. We want to change that.

Digital technology isn’t going anywhere; in fact, it’s growing at twice the rate of the broader economy (source: BIMA). So, if the next generation is aware of the digital opportunities, we can keep on top of the demand and introduce new talent and opinions to an ever-developing industry.

What is BIMA Digital Day?

It’s an opportunity for companies around the UK to pair up with local schools and offer expertise and skill-sharing for all things digital.

On the day, students compete in a sponsored challenge to win £500 for their school and some great prizes for themselves.

They’re also given direct access to people working in the industry who can talk them through digital careers – how to get into it, what it’s like and what possibilities are out there.

Our role on BIMA Digital Day

A group of the Parallax team from all different areas of expertise headed to Boston Spa Academy to run a full-day workshop with a group of students.

During the workshop, the team introduced Parallax, gave an intro to digital, and set two real-life scenario challenges resulting in some Dragon’s Den-style presentations, followed by a questionnaire and a round-up.

The two challenges were an opportunity to collaborate with their peers on ideas for a digital strategy for either Primark or Royal Mail.

The group was asked to map out wireframes on images of tablets, phones and computers following the discovery, design and delivery process (a key skill for many projects).

We’re incredibly passionate about closing the digital skills gap and supporting young people in learning about the opportunities within digital and how they can get into the industry.

As well as taking part in BIMA Digital Day, we’ve also opened our own Parallax Academy, which our people director, Andy Fitch, talks about in his latest blog – To degree or not to degree? That is the question.

If you’re curious about a career in digital and would like to speak to us for some advice or the opportunities we have available, get in touch with us today!

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