By Andre Gwilliam •

Parallax Launches a New Website for Audatex


Part of the Solera Group, Audatex are an ambitious brand intent on streamlining how the automotive market delivers software solutions for body shops, service providers, insurers and customers.

As a sister company to one of our long-standing clients – cap hpi – Audatex approached us to give their website a fresh new look and feel.

Freshening up the brand

We recognised immediately their need for a solid foundation on which to grow their online presence in future, as well as an easier way of structuring and managing their support content for customers. To get to the root of the issue, we undertook a structural analysis and technical audit of their original website to highlight any potential problems and get a picture of how it was initially structured.

With no analytics or tracking in place, the new site was built with this front of mind. As a more comprehensive solution, we integrated Woopra, allowing us to collect meaningful insights into user behaviour. The plan is to integrate this with Solera’s CRM in the future.

Freeing up the website

With lots of structural changes taking place, there was a renewed emphasis on making sure the website continued to serve customers through Audatex’s pre-existing products and platforms. We knew many of their customers regularly use a specific platform which rendered part of the website in a legacy browser, so it was vital we didn’t limit functionality for modern browsers, yet still maintaining backwards compatibility.

The main website was developed on our very own content management system Expose, so every time Audatex required the addition of a new product or a change in any legislation, they would have direct access to do it themselves.

- Jack Sails, Account Director.
Dashboard for Audatex

Since the website’s launch, we’ve already seen some really encouraging results. We’re hoping customers will continue to find the new website less cumbersome and much easier to navigate.