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Parallax Launch New Website for IconInc with Online Booking Portal

IconInc website

We’re really happy to announce an all-new website for IconInc – an all-inclusive luxury student accommodation based in Leeds and Liverpool – complete with a brand new booking portal system. With an eye for luxury living and a focus on putting students first, IconInc are known across the student accommodation industry as providers of all-inclusive luxury accommodation, especially amongst the international community.

On-site Demand

As a result of increased student demand in Leeds and the need for a site that showcases the high-end luxury accommodation IconInc provide, we developed a brand new, faster-performing website with a slick visual design to communicate precisely what they offer. IconInc pride themselves on providing a place to stay for hardworking and ambitious students. They believe their luxury accommodation gives tenants the opportunity to network – both professionally and personally – and they needed their online presence to reflect this.


Our talented developers worked hard to implement the new website, striving to increase user interaction through technical developments and enhancements. Front-End Developer Brad Cornes described the issue common to photo-heavy sites. “Having a variety of high-quality images can add a lot of weight to a page,” he said. “To mitigate this, we implemented modern responsive image techniques to serve optimised images based on the user’s specific browser and device.”

Images are ‘lazy-loaded’ only when they’re needed to keep the initial load time to a minimum. This leads to faster page loads and an increase in user interaction overall.

- Front-End Developer, Brad Cornes.

As well as producing an excellent new website for IconInc, our developers also spent time building a brand new booking system to improve customer usability and increase the number of reservations. Jamie Sefton, our Head of Back-End Development, explained how the new booking system was built to handle all IconInc locations and make the process quicker and easier for customers.

“There’s a huge layer of complexity around calculating availability for any booking system,” he said. “It encompasses everything from dynamically calculating start dates, to powering the different tenancy lengths, including short-term summer lets. This can be rather database intensive, so we used automatic caching methods around specific queries to improve performance.”

Booking portal for IconInc
The essential guide to Liverpool for IconInc

Jamie also commented on the purpose of a new backend admin system. “Alongside the new booking system, we built a backend admin system that lets the staff at multiple IconInc locations manage the apartments, see availability and process bookings with plenty of room to expand if additional locations open in the future.”

For the admin system, we worked closely with the staff who use it day-to-day. To improve efficiency, we built in batch processing and mass changes making it easier for admin users to quickly update huge numbers of apartments.”

- Jamie Sefton, head of back end development.

Results Driven

Since the launch of IconInc‘s new website, our SEO development team have seen some brilliant results. Since the website launch, we have seen some fantastic results, including a 48% increase in organic traffic YoY.

We recognise the importance of a custom-built website and – as we have also seen across numerous other clients – improved results for on-page sessions and increased organic traffic.

The design and development always plays a huge part in keeping users active. With IconInc’s new website, the refreshed booking system should help improve the booking flow and drive more conversions overall, leading to more students finding the right apartment for their stay.