December 19, 2019
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Parallax launches new website for FPP


Parallax is extremely pleased to announce the launch FPP interactive content experience. This project came with an incredibly unique brief; to deliver a story-telling website that immersed, engaged visitors and something totally different. FPP wanted to stand out in a competitive shopper marketing space and introduce themselves to potential clients in a powerful way that reflected their values and culture.The new website is one of the most interactive, engaging and informative websites Parallax has built to date. Its unique homepage introduces FPP in an interactive and stylised way, telling the story of who they are and why they exist.FPP have a strong brand message which they wanted to get across through the immersive aisle and pineapple story. We delivered this through an interactive WebGL experience with the user scrolling through the supermarket aisle and being ‘sucked’ into the pineapple.The 3D aisle scene was built with our in-house 3D engine. A full model of the entire aisle including all shelf items, fittings and lights was created. Once the layout was agreed we stripped away any faces that wouldn't be seen by the user to keep the file size down. We used Blender's Cycles raytracer to generate high-quality lighting which was then baked into texture maps for use in WebGL. The effect of being 'sucked' into the pineapple was created via a full-screen shader with warping and colour separation functions.

We came to Parallax with a unique proposition and wanted something which was different, engaging and told our story in a new and compelling way. You've more than answered our brief and we're thrilled with the result. ,It's been a pleasure to work on such a forward-thinking and ambitious project pushing the limits of creative technology and interactive storytelling. Our team really stepped up to deliver a world-class digital experience and agency website.