Your brand is an immensely vital part of your business. A decent, respected brand adds value, motivates employees, excites customers and enhances your company reputation. Our branding process combines expert knowledge with stunning visual flair to deliver game-changing results.


It’s paramount for us to develop a thorough understanding of what makes you tick. A brand is so much more than a set of visuals – it’s the very essence of your company and how it makes customers feel. We’ll take the time to discern who you are and help shape a strategy for your brand. We’re constantly working on new ways to capture your vision and present your face to the world.


If you want to make well-informed decisions, comprehensive research is essential. We’ll determine where you should position your brand and precisely which products, ranges and categories you should explore. Our research covers the broader marketplace as well as relevant design theory – this includes colour, typography and communication style. Once we’re clued up, we can outline tactics to help you meet your objectives.


People buy into stories. They’re relatable and far easier to remember than propositions or mission statements. If you’re looking to create a lasting impact, your brand narrative needs to be on point. A clear message will empower your workforce and strengthen your trust with customers. We can help you create and tell a story that sets the foundations of a truly revolutionary brand.


Branding and design go hand in hand. Great design adds meaning to any brand and helps communicate your story to customers. Our expert designers turn every unique touchpoint of your business into an essential, fully-formed piece of your brand. We take all aspects of design very seriously – we’ll ensure every visual element is beautifully executed and serves to reinforce your brand values. A stunning design will fill your employees with pride and impress your customers on both a conscious and subconscious level.

Brand Guidelines

We’ll provide you with comprehensive brand guidelines so you can stay true to your ideals moving forwards. Pulling everything together into one place – from correct logo and brandmark usage through to colour systems, typefaces and photography styles – you’ll always have a handy reference point when creating new materials. Working in tandem with directions for your tone of voice, you’ll have everything you need to perpetuate a consistent look and feel for your brand.


Whether you choose to refresh your existing brand or undertake a total rebrand, the process is rarely straightforward – detailed planning is a must. The launch of a new brand is a great way to communicate with new and existing customers, showing the world all the wonderful things you have to offer. What’s more, we can amplify your message with a specially tailored, integrated marketing plan that covers emails, social media, advertising and more, making sure all that hard work won’t go to waste.


We want the brand we create for you to stand the test of time. Inevitably, all brands age, but with solid foundations and detailed guidelines we can extend your investment. We’ll provide all the tools, guides and assets you need to sustain the value of your brand, keeping it in top shape for as long as possible. When it’s time for an update we can evolve the brand rather than starting again from scratch.