August 17, 2020
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Unveiling the Nike Spiridon Cage 2 Carnaby


Following on from the success of the ‘20 for 20’ project earlier in the year, we were thrilled to be invited back as Breaks digital partner on the launch of Nike Spiridon Cage 2 Carnaby for size? and Nike.We invited consumers to discover the vibrant shoe and its inspirations with a one-of-a-kind digital experience built using WebGL technology. Lockdown-bound consumers were encouraged to explore an abstract, stylised rendition of the silhouette complete with a catalogue of information about the design – and explore Carnaby Street and its history through an interactive game, all rendered in real-time.Players navigate a customisable character around Carnaby Street, lovingly re-imagined by 3D designer Eva Cremers, gaining tokens that reveal the street’s history and the shoe’s design inspirations along the way. Upon completion, users are presented with early access registration – as well as an invitation to shop the look and share their character on social, extending the digital world to the feed.

This is the second Nike project that we partnered with Parallax on in as many months. Why? Because they’re brilliant, have high standards, and I never have to worry about what they’ll deliver.,You can check out the experience here - let us know how you get on!