November 4, 2019
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Parallax Launches New Website for LandTech


LandTech is a leading PropTech business creating products to help developers source and plan their new property developments faster and easier than ever before.They started with LandInsight – redefining the way property developers found and assessed off-market sites. It was popular. Hugely so. Knowing they were on to something, they then rebranded to LandTech. Becoming LandTech allowed them to have multiple products under a single brand and domain. They launched LandEnhance to complement LandInsight with plans to launch more products in the future.We were lucky enough to be handed completely new brand guidelines that were fresh and professional, but also allowed us to explore exciting ways to communicate this online.We broke up the logo and its triangle devices and played with different compositions around the hero’s and throughout the pages. By doing this we could interact with elements on the page in different ways by creating fun compositions and interactions that were a delight to design and build.We developed a standard static site build that LandTech deploy onto their own hosting. However, an interesting feature is that even though it’s a static build we created a system that can sync up their Hubspot forms, meaning we merely need to rebuild the site to deploy any changes rather than updating everything by hand.The website also used a new library for animation (anime.js) which is a lot lighter weight than GSAP.