June 4, 2024
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Harriet Naglis
Oliver Lowe

Introducing Cool Rivers

Over the past year we’ve been working closely with Jude Vidal to bring Cool Rivers to life, and last month we saw the platform officially launched to the public.

Cool Rivers is a digital ownership platform for music, sport, and art. The goal of the project was to create an accessible, transparent and secure platform that is a trusted space for creators and collectors, supporting the creative cycle. Cool Rivers focuses on value in every collection, as well as philanthropy to ensure it serves a wider purpose.

Quote from the artist about the collectible

What sets Cool Rivers apart

It's the Cool Rivers values that are the undercurrent of what takes them forward. They look to empower emerging talent and protect legacies of established creators and brands. All the while delivering authentic stories and enabling people to give back to the creative community through meaningful philanthropy.

Cool Rivers shares a level of transparency so you know where the money goes from your purchase - particularly that of emerging talent. Unlike a lot of other platforms, where creators get very little in return, emerging artists will receive 100% of the money spent on their collection. For other seasoned creators, around 80% will go to them or their chosen charity. It's this approach that helps with their mission to feed the creative cycle.

Image showing the level of transparency supporting emerging artists

As with most creative collections, you would want to be able to see it for yourself and share it with others. The Drift platform within, echoes what you love, what you stand for, and what you want to share with your community. It works like your own personal gallery space and is a key value differentiator for Cool Rivers that allows you to display (and others to view) your digital collectables.

Video loop of Drift interface

How it works

As experienced practitioners in the web3 space, we understand the need for seamless integration between traditional and decentralised systems. Our goal was to craft an accessible solution that empowers even those unfamiliar with web3 to participate effortlessly.

The process involved leveraging familiar payment gateways like Stripe to accept fiat transactions, while generating encrypted custodial wallets to securely accept and hold the corresponding cryptocurrency assets. We recognised that while regulatory bodies generally permit crypto transactions, they scrutinise the conversion between fiat and digital currencies.

To proactively address this concern, we implemented a robust verification flow that requires government-issued identification for high-risk, high-value transactions, or any activity exceeding predefined thresholds. This approach demonstrates our commitment to compliance while ensuring a user-friendly experience.


The platform launched with some iconic creators such as Peter Frampton, the Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation, and a number of emerging artists. Jude has also shared some of her own work, with an exclusive behind the scenes look at the Tour de France 2014 - kicking off in the scenic landscapes of Yorkshire on the 5th July, culminating in the iconic Champs-Élysées finish in Paris on the 27th July.

We're really excited to be a part of this journey and can't wait to see what comes next.

Tour de France, Yorkshire Grand Depart collection landing page

The Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation collection landing page

You can explore Cool Rivers and get involved here.