For as long as Google has been around, brands have reaped the rewards of strong organic search positions. It’s a major engine of growth and provides ongoing exposure to relevant audiences. Better still, these audiences are hungry to buy products and services – their incentive for searching in the first place. Our organic SEO service puts your brand in front of those customers.

Modern SEO

Search, SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, like its name, is a continuously evolving and maturing discipline driven by technological and algorithmic advances. However, its core principle has never changed – to unite relevant brands and products with consumer needs. Our organic SEO approach identifies and brings your brand in direct contact with relevant, informed consumers.


Key to effective SEO is long term planning. We can help establish clear and attainable objectives from the very beginning, ones that will provide a solid ROI. We’ll spend time with your team to understand your brand, audience, products and services in detail. By immersing ourselves into your business we can start to release the potential for great SEO results.


We don’t use a one size fits all template. Before we formulate a strategy, we delve deep into our clients needs and wants, understand and even develop customer personas all with the ultimate goal of identifying the real company objectives and what success actually looks. We use various insights and knowledge to develop real, actionable KPIs that deliver reliably solid results.

Technical SEO

One of the fastest and most effective ways to improve SEO is to scrutinise the technical aspects of your website. Everything from on-page optimisation to page speed will be reviewed and improved. Using our sophisticated set of tools, we can crawl your websites looking for errors and opportunities, then fix them. Future search campaigns are very much dependent on having a solid SEO foundation, so the technical side of websites should never be overlooked.

On-page Content

The content of a page is what makes it worthy of its search result position. It creates relevance, telling the search engines what to rank it for. By performing extensive keyword research and a thorough content audit, we can start to create new content that people will find relevant and engaging, improving not just rankings, but also the user experience. Remember – a search is just part of the story. Great content will inspire someone to act, converting them into a valuable customer.

Local SEO

Your business type will dictate the importance of your local SEO strategy. For a multi-branch organisation with local customers, it’s essential. It can be the difference between a successful campaign and an underperforming one. We’re experts at effective local SEO and understand the intricacies of optimising for localised searches. Local SEO is become more and more important – that’s why we use real-time tools to monitor our clients’ listings and quickly fix any inconsistencies.

Content Marketing

Great content generates value for users as much as it does for search engines. Our content creation process is centred around your target audience and is designed to get tangible results. Content comes in multiple forms, from blog posts to interactive data pieces. It attracts attention, provides engagement and encourages sharing. By creating exciting content that makes the rounds online positively impacts the authority of your website. In turn, a higher authority raises your search visibility across the board and drives even more relevant traffic to your website.

Site Migration

In this day and age brands must keep up to date with the latest website trends or get left behind by their competitors. Full website rebuilds often take place every few years. This can have a major implication on the search visibility and keyword rankings. Our meticulous approach to site migration helps brands maintain strong rankings from old to new whilst carefully monitoring keyword movement and being quick to react to conserve high rankings.

Penalty Removal

Gone are the days of quick wins and shortcuts – those are against the rules. Google and the major search engines now dish out severe and often devastating penalties, often resulting in huge drops or the complete removal of search rankings. If this happens to your brand, we’ve got the expertise and experience of removing these penalties and putting together an effective SEO plan without bending the rules.

Data and Insight

The sheer amount of data that’s available today is breathtaking.The savviest of marketers tap into this resource to help form a robust digital strategy. We use internal client data to help make informed decisions on budget management, understanding the audience and their user experiences. We also use data to produce interesting content and give our clients a competitive advantage.


As predicted, mobile internet usage has now surpassed desktop. The number of smartphone users is increasing every day, with people receiving their information on the move. Chances are, they’re visiting your website and engaging with your content on their mobile device. When it comes to ranking, even Google has given priority to mobile-friendly websites – to ignore the rise in mobile usage would be incredibly detrimental. It’s critical that all companies have an effective mobile marketing strategy and really understanding their mobile audience. We can help you design content with mobile platforms in mind and make strategic use of SMS/MMS marketing and mobile apps.

Analysis & Reporting

Once a search campaign is in full swing, we can start providing detailed reports. Using a selection of specialised software we can illustrate your keyword positions, search visibility, content placements and anything else relevant to your KPI’s in a simple-to-digest format. We’ll provide insight and analysis alongside the data so you can quickly understand what’s going on and how everything is doing.