Emails are a fantastic way of communicating with your regular customers and keeping them up to date. They offer a valuable point of contact, allowing you to deliver timely information free from distractions. We can explore options for automation to take the hassle out of email marketing and help you discover the right email client for your business.


We’ll start by understanding what your requirements are and plan your email strategy accordingly. We’ll figure out how regular your email communications need to be, who you need to target and how we can best grow your subscriber list. We’ll take sales targets into consideration, especially if you operate an ecommerce site, and figure out precisely where need to drive traffic. From one-off campaigns to reusable templates, we’ll help you settle on the best approach.


If you don’t want people to immediately unsubscribe from your mailing list, you need to make sure your content is captivating and – above all else – useful. We’ll make sure your copy is in line with your established tone of voice and sits organically within the design. Key information will be highlighted to ensure your subscribers can find what they need easily, with vital links to your website clearly signposted.


Emails are an extension of your brand, so it’s important they look the part. Not only will we make sure they are beautifully designed, we’ll also keep the user experience as intuitive as possible. Some layouts work better than others, depending on the type of email client or device – we understand which designs work best in each scenario. We’ll always play to the strengths of your brand and bring your emails into the 21st century.


We understand the restrictions of email and can maximise creativity within its limitations. Many of our clients use our bespoke framework – one that we update regularly. We speed up the entire process by adding tracking, reusing headers and footers and placing different languages into identical templates. Our tried and tested boilerplates make great starting points – we catch many of the pitfalls when email clients render HTML emails in unexpected ways. Whether we build you a bespoke framework to fit your needs or create templates for you to add your own content, we’ll find the right solution for you and your business.

Quality Assurance

We have an extensive testing setup to test emails on as many clients as possible to ensure the template looks the same no matter how it’s being viewed. Our email client support goes all the way back to Outlook 2000 and Thunderbird, right up to the very latest clients. Like everything we do, emails are subjected to the same quality control – our rigorous testing helps guarantee emails will display as they should across a range of devices and services. We’ll make sure your emails are performing at their optimum so they have every possible chance of being a welcome source of information about your brand.

Delivery & Reporting

Depending on your specific email needs, we utilise a variety of different clients, including MailChimp, Sendy and Campaign Monitor. We do everything we can to ensure your emails aren’t flagged up as spam by creating plenty of readable content and keeping file sizes to a minimum. Small images not only ensure your email isn’t marked as spam, but they also shorten overall load times. We always report back on the efficiency of your campaigns and benchmark against your chosen KPIs.

A/B Testing

We constantly analyse the numbers to see what’s working and what isn’t. A/B testing is a great way to get a feel of what your audience will respond to. We can run A/B tests on copy, subject lines, pre-headers, design features and images. We can even set up different responsive and static templates, then compare conversions. Segmenting your email database based on information such as click-throughs and open rates means we can deliver smarter, more precise email marketing.

Marketing Automation

Email marketing is all about promoting your content with timely, beautifully designed newsletters and updates. We can help you delight current customers with recent blog posts and notify people about special offers and promotions. By segmenting your audience into clear lists and scheduling emails to be delivered at key times, we can maximise the ways you keep your customers in the loop.