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We’ve developed our CMS over a number of years to make it the most usable and intuitive content management system in the industry.

expose cms - parallax digital agency

Designed with your needs in mind.

Add some text, an image, and even a video with a single click.

Most of the content management systems out there use a back-end interface. You log on and make your changes but it makes it hard to see what the user sees until the editing is done.

Expose is unique. It lets you see what your users see and it lets you edit what you need to in seconds. It’s simple, future proof and you can use it wherever you have an Internet connection.

Our clients' favourite features

The intuitive interface, control over content, design flexibility and free upgrades make it easy to see why our clients love Expose!

No training required EVER

It’s so simple to use that there’s no need for us to show you how, most users pick it up within minutes!

Total control over content

You can edit the content just by logging in and clicking on the part you want to change.

Works with any design

Our CMS won’t restrict your design so your website can be as unique as your business.

FREE future upgrades

We’re always improving and updating Expose CMS, and you get the great new benefits for free!

expose bespoke cms - parallax digital agency

Add Text with a single click

Change text by clicking on the text area and adding your copy. You can use create headings, bold text, Links and more.

Every text area is under your control and all you have to do is click on the words you want to edit. You can copy and paste large sections or type it in – just hit ‘Save’ at the end and it’ll update your live website instantly.

With built-in spell check and easy to use styling tools, it’s up to you to curate your own content and update it in seconds.

expose cms - parallax digital agency

Upload images and resize with ease

You can upload your own images in just a couple of clicks. Just select the image placeholder and choose the photo you want to add to your website and it’s done!

There’s no need to spend hours making your images the right size using expensive software either because Expose CMS includes a ‘Crop Image’ function for you to resize your image so that it fits your website perfectly. Drag your image into the position you want and your images are online.

expose parallax cms

One click HTML5 video upload

Need video on your website? Not a problem. You can upload your video files to your website in the same way you upload images.

Once you’ve selected your chosen video file, Expose CMS will encode it and within a few minutes your video is ready to play in HTML5.

Videos will work on every device, including mobiles, without the need for another platform that adds annoying logos to your work (we’re looking at you YouTube and Vimeo!)

expose cms - parallax digital agency

Make SEO changes the clever way

Hit the ‘Page Settings’ button and you can edit your page titles, description and URL slugs making sure that they’re optimised for search engines.

If you decide to change the URL slug then the old one will redirect to your new one, no matter how many times you change it, so there’s no need to set up 301s. Our CMS even gives you a preview of how your page will look on Google so you can be sure it looks right to your users.

Hosting, Monitoring and Maintenance

We build your website, host it using the best servers, monitor ongoing system performance and maintain the infrastructure and codebase. All you need to do is create content.

  1. Hosting
  2. Monitoring
  3. Maintenance
  • expose cms
  • expose cms - parallax digital agency
  • expose cms - parallax digital agency
  • expose cms - parallax digital agency

Our Expose portfolio

Now you’ve seen the power of Expose, take a look at
some of the fantastic results it can produce.

Here’s a look at some of our latest projects.

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