We’ve built the most usable and intuitive content management system in the industry. Exclusively for our clients.

See exactly what your customers see

Expose is built to sit on top of your bespoke website. Its super simple front-end interface works with any design imaginable and is a dream to use for website editors. This freedom allows us to design and build world class websites while giving you total control.

Content architecture that can’t be broken

Websites need a good structure otherwise the usability and UX suffers. Expose is built so content can be added, edited and removed in a logical way. The way you add content keeps the fundamental properties of the user experience firmly in place.

Built with high performance in mind

Your users don’t want to be navigating a slow website, and your staff don’t want to be using a slow application. A CMS should be no different. Expose is built to let your staff manage content quickly, from putting a simple blog post together to adding a new section. It’s lightning quick.

  • Text

    Editing text is as easy as clicking on the text you want to change. Once you’re done hit save and you’ll see how it looks instantly.

  • Images

    Pick your images and Expose will take care of the rest. It will upload, resize and compress your images in the blink of an eye.

  • Video

    Adding video has never been so easy. Just click the placeholder and Expose will handle the upload and re-encode it into a HTML5 friendly format.

  • Ecommerce

    With a full ecommerce feature set to build shops or take subscription payments Expose makes collecting revenue from your website a breeze.

  • SEO

    Built with SEO in mind, Expose features all the tools you’ll need to optimise your website while we take care of all the technical issues.

  • More

    Need something a bit different? We can build Expose features to work around your processes, letting you manage your website how you want to.

Amazon Web Services

Hosted on a world class platform

Our custom built Amazon EC2 cloud infrastructure is the perfect partner for Expose websites. Rest assured in the knowledge your website will be super reliable and scalable with industry leading PCI-DSS security keeping your data safe.

See for yourself

The best way to see how Expose can work for your business is to see a live demo.