The CPD Certification Service

The CPD Certification Service

We’ve been working with The CPD Certification Service since early 2015. As a learning accreditation provider, they needed their new website to be as accessible as possible, withstand large amounts of visitors and have the right infrastructure in place to keep growing. So we stepped up to the challenge.

We carried out extensive scoping, analysing their current user base and typical user needs in great detail. At its heart, the site is essentially a huge directory of members, courses and events, so we prioritised getting valuable information into the hands of their users quickly and efficiently.

An extensive refresh of their brand gave the site an updated aesthetic that feels both welcoming and modern. As a special accreditation mark, their logo had to remain the same, so we worked around it and made sure it never looked out of place.

Sitting at its core is the website’s massive directory. It allows members to list their accredited courses and events, as well as permitting users to enquire about attending. Our intuitive user journey added massive value for both our client and their customers.

Our Expose CMS makes this fully responsive website simple to update. Utilising a custom icon font across the site, we also created a bespoke admin area with CSV upload support and added in automatic sitemaps. CriticalCSS, RequireJS and some high-end PHP ensured the website was built to last.

Parallax are an exceptionally professional and capable web development and design team. They have been extremely valuable in the implementation of our upgraded web presence, including the bespoke-built directory of CPD providers, courses and events. Parallax will continue to play a pivotal role in our future developments, providing sound technical advice and skills to help us maximise our support to the learning community.

- Adam Thwaites, Head of Sales & Marketing
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