IoT & Smart Cities

We’ve been working on distributed, connected technology for the last 10 years. It wasn’t always called IoT or Smart Cities, but the point still stands: We’ve been doing this, successfully, for a long time and understand how to use technology to add value to people’s lives.


With so much hype centred around what’s possible, it can be difficult to understand where investments will achieve value, whether that’s for a local authority or a private enterprise. Much like related technologies such as artificial intelligence (which we can advise on), understanding how the different buzzwords and acronyms actually relate to a tangible benefit is far from obvious.

If you’re feeling confused, you’re not alone.

Parallax has an end user-centric approach to IoT & Smart Cities projects and a well-honed process for matching user needs with technology capabilities, meaning that you can focus on solving real user needs rather than just implementing technology and hoping it delivers benefits.

Typically customers we work with on a consulting basis are:

  • Companies looking to enhance their offering using smart technology
  • Manufacturers wanting to add Internet of Things capabilities to new or existing products
  • Local authorities wanting to ensure that their smart cities investments are future-proofed and will deliver value for money

We understand the real-world pros and cons of lots of different IoT technologies and have used them in real-world deployments. If you want to make your first step in this space the right one, we can help.

Design & Implementation

As well as consulting on best practice and benefits-driven procurement, we have an IoT delivery team with experience in the following key sectors:

  • Transport
  • Electric mobility
  • Advertising
  • Parking
  • Utilities

We design and deliver end-to-end solutions for our partners that adhere to best-practice in an industry that can often be fragmented and difficult to navigate.

IoT Core

We’ve developed a set of core building blocks we call “IoT Core” which handles a lot of the elements common to any kind of IoT and Smart Cities deployment such as deployment, data ingest, reporting, scaling and security.

IoT Core employs a vendor-neutral methodology, runs on most public cloud and on-premises environments and while it is easily extensible for others, it already supports the following technologies:

Building on top of a proven architecture removes the guesswork from specifying a solution and ensures that investments are protected.

Risk Mitigation

IoT projects don’t have to be a moonshot. We see buyers nervously trying to figure out how to spend sizable budgets. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Our truly agile and, more importantly, iterative approach means we can help you realise proof of return much earlier in the development cycle without incurring all of the risk up-front.

We champion open standards and interoperability where they exist, meaning that our end-customers aren’t left high and dry with a dependence on a particular vendor (or us!) meaning that the solutions we work on with customers are able to grow and thrive in an unpredictable future.

We can work through the business case for smart technology with you and ensure that you meet your objectives in a sensible, cost-effective and sustainable way.

Case Studies