Across the globe, the number one cause of security breaches is human error. For those determined enough to break into a computer system there are always ways, but more often than not hackers find it’s much easier to simply ask someone to let you in under some other guise. We understand this – that’s why we always implement a number of security safeguards across all our clients’ websites.

Security Experts

We’re trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands to carry out and maintain their security requirements. As somewhat of an authority on the subject, we’ve spoken at numerous events across Europe on the intricacies of internet security. We’re also an an official Amazon Web Services Partner, which provides us with in-depth training and certification.

Penetration Testing

We offer various levels of penetration testing. We use static code analysis along with our own expertise to find potential weak spots in your apps. Scanners are helpful for finding blatant issues – fixing the results are usually a requirement for PCI-DSS. We also do load testing and fuzz testing, which involves inserting large amounts of random input to unearth crashes and unexpected behaviours, including buffer overflow issues.

Cyber Essentials

It’s unlikely you’re taking security seriously enough. Clients, schedules and profits always seem to get in the way. Cyber Essentials is a government-backed product that offers you peace of mind. It comes with £20,000 of Cyber Liability Insurance as standard, but this can be increased, depending on your needs. The Cyber Liability insurance scheme is a base-level of security for your business. If you ask us, it’s an absolute no-brainer.

Virtual CISO

There’s a widening gap in knowledge on security. With our Virtual CISO you’ll receive executive-level care, with regular meetings, reports, and on-site testing. With professional advice and guidance from people who understand your processes, our Virtual CISO service lets you focus on what matters most – your business. These days, we need to be more vigilant than ever at preventing and defending against security breaches. Never wait until the worst has already happened.


As a company, we are fully PCI-DSS compliant – we have direct experience of building our own PCI DSS SAQ 3.0 compliant platform. In other words, when your data moves from one place to another, we’ll ensure it’s always transmitted securely. And if required, we can store encrypted data at rest, then decrypt using a Key Management Service. Whenever we’re working on your products, we follow process to the letter to ensure that none of your data is ever mishandled.