The Parklane Group


IconInc is a high-end, luxury accommodation brand that sets the standard in student living. The owners, Parklane Group, approached Parallax as the online experience didn’t live up to the customer experience.

Every part of the digital customer journey required an overhaul creating the foundations for future expansion. With a new emerging audience, high expectations and unlimited potential we devised a digital strategy to win in this competitive space.

A Strategy to Activate Generation Z

We started with user research learning as much as we could about Gen Z. We established that Gen Z audiences are digitally native and unforgiving of manual processes which are typical of finding student accommodation, preferring to look elsewhere instead of persevering. Combining this insight with the expectations of HNWI we worked on creating a polished digital brand, engaging website experience, and slick booking flow that made it easy to buy.

Driving Awareness through SEO and PPC

Competition is fierce so we needed to increase awareness through all digital channels. We improved the SEO performance with a better site structure, optimised page content and a content strategy to overhaul the blog. Additionally we developed targeted PPC landing pages for local and international audiences, including the largest potential potential market, China.

Increasing Conversion with a better Booking Experience

Once users were on the website we worked on improving conversion by creating a seamless, fast and engaging apartment booking flow. We created a bespoke process that had a logical flow, helping users find their perfect apartment and secure it for their upcoming University term by paying a deposit online.

Backend Systems to manage the day-to-day Business

The new booking flow required a bespoke backend system to manage the customer data, payments and apartment availability. We scoped out the technical requirements before mapping out and building a new workflow IconInc staff would use to manage each IconInc location.

The Results

Since launch, our work has had a massive impact and hugely positive results across the board. The strategy is now ready to rollout to future locations as IconInc grows nationally. Additionally, we’re working on future plans to improve loyalty and retain existing tenants for their entire University stay.

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