By Katie Hunter •

Instagram; are you Reely smashing it?

Following Adam Mosseri’s announcement in June that Instagram is “no longer a photo-sharing app”, paired with the emerging and continued success of the short video platform – TikTok, it’s no surprise that Reels are a golden nugget when creating content for your social platform.

Mosseri goes on to say, “the number one reason that people use Instagram is to be entertained”. Videos are an interactive, creative way to involve users and entertain people at the same time. As you’ve probably seen, initially on TikTok, trends such as dances, music, narrated movements and even recipes, take mere moments to go viral and turn low-key accounts into an entertainer of thousands, millions even.

Yes, Instagram Reels are popular amongst the Gen-Z, but they’re also a vital tool for businesses and, if you hadn’t thought about jumping on the bandwagon, keep on reading to find out why you probably should.

First of all, don’t panic! You’ve probably seen some fast-paced shuffles in amongst some crazy transition trends but we’re not suggesting you spend your next four free nights learning the shuffle (not unless you want to). We’ll keep it Reelistic – ok, we’ll stop with that pun now; it’s had its time.

Why should you use Instagram Reels?

To grow your account.

Of course, the Instagram algorithm is involved. As Reels are still a pretty new feature, they’re more than likely going to be favoured over images (we’re sorry stylised photography!!). This means the Instagram algorithm will likely push Reels to more people than it would if was a simple image, meaning you’ve got more chance of it being seen, liked and gaining a new follower or two – wahoo!

Not only this, but the Reels news feed shows you content from people you don’t follow, whereas the standard news feed only shows you content from people that you do follow. You have to physically visit the ‘explore’ tab to discover new accounts and the explore tab features Reels now too, so standard posts are even more diluted.

You’ve also got the influence of trending music. Reels lets you see what music is trending by popping an arrow next to the song in the bottom left corner, allowing people to save the song and reuse it themselves. In a regular post, hashtags used to be the discoverable feature but, now, you have music too, which makes it a little easier to be discovered and potentially even go viral.

So, if you’ve dabbled with Instagram Reels and have seen a growth in your account and lots more likes/views than you would when sharing a regular post, this is no coincidence. Your content is delivered to more people and, therefore, open to more interactions and new followers.

To give people an insight into your business, your brand personality and your ethos

Sure, this is still possible through a regular post but, with Reels, you have the option to add a voiceover, show your creative side through fun transitions and original music, and include yourself in the video.

Many businesses, especially eCommerce, often omit themselves from the content and focus on their products and how they can be used. For example, a chocolate brand might show off a temptingly delicious brownie recipe, but, in such a fierce market, putting a face to the brand isn’t such a bad idea!

After all, it’s people that people connect with – personality, stories and emotions. Your chocolate may be the best tasting chocolate in the world. Still, if you’re not communicating that to people in the right way, and allowing them the opportunity to make a connection with you – the brand – then your chocolate may stay a dirty lil’ secret!

Show people behind the scenes

Again, this is an area that’s usually omitted from content in fear of revealing the slightly less glamorous side of your business. But in an evolving social media world where filters and pretence are being broken down, showing the behind-the-scenes of your workspace and daily grind shows consumers exactly how it is. If you’re a start-up, working from your living room floor will be more relatable than you think!

Not only does this show potential consumers where the products are made and how, it also gives people an insight into your story, which, again, helps make a connection between brand and consumer.

To have fun… who’d have thought it!

Last but not least, it’s an opportunity to have fun! As Adam Mosseri stated, Instagram is a platform where people come to be entertained so, give the people what they want. If that means rallying your team together for a group dance or throwing some flowers up in the air, only to pick them all back up and arrange them for a fun transition, then so be it! As long as each Reel portrays a piece of your story/brand that you want to, then you’re good to go!

People no longer want to see perfect, edited content that shows them the end result (not all the time anyway); they want to see how it got to that point, who you are and what story you have to tell.

Use Reels to your advantage – get creative, bang on some music and go for it!