By Katie Hunter •

Leeds City Council: Tracking Footfall

We’ve been working on an exciting project with Leeds City Council, all designed to help you plan your days out, shopping trips and daily routes by showing how busy it is in certain areas of Leeds and making it easier to socially distance.

With shops, bars, and restaurants opening back up and the city slowly returning to its normal, buzzing self, Leeds City Council wanted an easy, visual solution that meant visitors and residents could check the footfall count of a specific area in real-time.

Returning to a bustling city at peak time can be a daunting feeling, especially after spending so long indoors and away from others. However, by typing just a handful of words (three to be exact) into your browser, you no longer need to worry about jam-packed streets and queues.

How busy is Leeds?

We’ve been up and down ladders installing solar-powered footfall sensors across the city centre and surrounding villages. Each sensor updates in real-time across an IoT network and links to a landing page that we’ve created:

Immediately you’ll be able to see colour-coded areas that signify how busy a certain space is:

Red: It’s looking pretty busy! Please maintain social distancing at all times.
Amber: Things are a little busier. Enjoy the High Street safely.
Green: It’s quieter than usual at the moment. We’re looking forward to seeing you!

When you’re next thinking of heading into an area, simply go to on your phone or laptop, and you’ll be able to plan your trips more efficiently and avoid high traffic areas.

If you’re interested in turning your ideas into something truly great, drop us a message via our website, we’d be delighted to help.

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