By Katie Hunter •

SCIEX: Welcome Aboard!

We’re over the moon to start working with SCIEX!

The team at SCIEX asked whether we’d be interested in pitching for their extensive corporate website redesign project, one word – YES!

We knew this would be a competitive global pitch. Having worked with several international brands such as; Unilever, NSF and Glencore, we felt confident and excited about presenting our proposal. We’re pleased to say that the creativity, interactivity, and wealth of experience we bring to our projects won us the opportunity! SCIEX was looking for a partner, a team that they could work with and be kept in the loop with throughout the project stages. At Parallax, that’s the only way we know how.

So, after pitching for the work in December last year, we’re excited to start our journey with them this month and help evolve their brand identity, make their website an enjoyable user experience and get creative with their online digital campaigns.

An Intro to SCIEX

SCIEX are the world leaders in the sensitive and precise quantification of molecules empowering their clients to protect the wellness and safety of everyone. They design and manufacture world-renowned Mass Spectrometry instruments and are a market leader in their field.
Their instruments are highly technical, extremely sensitive and provide global labs with the most accurate data pertaining to the content of a single sample analyte.

Safe to say, these guys are the real deal and the ultimate Power of Precision.

The Brief

We’ll be kicking off with a complete redesign of their corporate website. It’s a massive website with complex information architecture, advanced functionality and a necessity to cater for SCIEX’s global audience.

Overall, our work with SCIEX will be a long-term project covering content, SEO, branding, UX design, interactivity and front-end development. Our design and development teams will work closely with the internal content and back-end development teams at SCIEX, to ensure complete transparency and enable them to overhaul their website’s content and user experience entirely.

Additionally, SCIEX will be launching innovative products, and they need ways to introduce them to the website through dedicated product launch interactive experiences. We’ll be looking into this as a team, and we’ll ensure the product launches are as innovative as the products themselves.

In our search for the right service provider, Parallax were among a long list of carefully curated experts, found through extensive searches and research into finding the right partner over almost a half year period.

We were excited to have made the decision to select Parallax as our chosen web agency, a decision which is already paying dividends with the work they have done so far in such a short space of time as SCIEX heads towards yet another pivotal product and technology launch in June 2021.

With all eyes on SCIEX during this time, we have come to gain great confidence in what Parallax is delivering for us and undertaking a major project such as this with only 5 weeks until the launch deadline was no mean feat, they really stepped up, showed us how they can effectively plan, design and execute an impressive online experience and under great pressure as the first project delivered for their new customer.

We see this as an ongoing and long term relationship between the two organisations and with the help of Parallax, our customers will in turn also reap the benefits of their expertise in what we intend to offer online in the near future!

- Sciex

We can’t wait to get stuck into this project and begin our long-term partnership with SCIEX.
If you’re interested in working with us or want to send us a brief, give us a shout!

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