By Phil Leather •

Winning Veganuary with Cauldron

Since 2014, Veganuary has inspired and supported more than one million people in 193 countries to try eating vegan for January and beyond. It was, therefore, a natural decision for our client, Cauldron, to sponsor Veganuary 2021, and we were tasked with amplifying this partnership across the entire digital marketing landscape.

So, here’s the content strategy we developed to tackle it head-on!

Social Media

When considering switching to a vegan lifestyle for the first time, it can feel daunting thinking about where to start. What meals can you feasibly make? How much effort is needed to prepare them? Do you still get all the recommended vitamins and nutrients?

Because of these many queries and worries, we wanted to turn the Cauldron social channels into helpful resources for people to visit for inspiration and guidance.

Collectively, across Facebook and Instagram, we have 113,000 followers, and we aimed to show that vegan food is as quick and easy as it is delicious and nutritious.

Across the month, we committed to 31 days of content – sharing a post every single day to keep everyone motivated on their Veganuary journey. These posts centred around three key themes:

Popular Recipes

First up, we analysed the top-performing vegan recipes across both the Cauldron Instagram page and website over the last 12 months. These gave us a clear picture of the specific recipes that had resonated most with our audience, and would therefore be a great starting point for anyone early in their vegan journey.

Tasty images were shared on feeds and stories, with links to full ingredients and methods available on site.

Nutritional Benefits

A key motivator for people switching to a vegan lifestyle is often centred around the nutritional benefits, however, the specifics are often misunderstood.

We teamed up with Cauldron’s in-house nutritional experts to provide definitive facts and figures to prove why maintaining a vegan diet is such a positive step.

These even included a direct comparison between the UK’s most popular takeaway curry, Rogan Josh, and a Tofu Rogan Josh equivalent!

Busting Vegan Myths

We quickly realised that eating vegan food has plenty of stereotypes attached to it, all of which are completely untrue.

We set out to tackle these misconceptions head-on with our Myth Busting series, where we took some of the most common comments we received online over the last 12 months and gave the truth.

A Seamless Website Experience

The hard work didn’t stop there! We also set out to make sure that the Cauldron website was shouting loud and proud about the sponsorship:

Content Hub

Our dedicated Veganuary landing page was updated for 2021 to make it our most comprehensive resource yet. This one-stop-shop included:

  • “How to” videos which showed ways to get the best from your tofu
  • Popular vegan recipes
  • Vegan cooking guides
  • Full details of the sponsorship

This hub was signposted all across the site to educate our fans about Veganuary, while also being used as a landing page for our paid media activity.

Recipe Inspiration Pack

Going one step further, we also brought together thirty of our most popular recipes into one recipe inspiration pack.

This covered everything from breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes, all the way through to snacks and desserts. Available to download for free as a PDF, it meant that this could be used all year round, helping people to maintain their vegan lifestyle beyond the month of January.

Blog Content

To support the social content calendar, we also worked alongside Cauldron’s in-house nutritional teams to draft up informative blog posts to provide more detail on the benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

These included an in-depth look at the Vegan Eat Well Guide, plus more detail into busting those pesky vegan myths!

Paid Media

Sponsoring Veganuary 2021 was a proud moment for Cauldron, and we wanted to make sure that we were shouting from the rooftops about it.

We developed and implemented a comprehensive paid media strategy that covered Facebook, Instagram, PPC and Display to achieve the following key goals:

  • Drive targeted traffic to our Veganuary landing page
  • Generate downloads of the Recipe Inspiration Pack
  • Drive traffic to the vegan recipes page on our website

The Results

It’s safe to say that the results speak for themselves, and 2021 was Cauldron’s most successful Veganuary to date!

Social Media

  • 2 million organic Instagram impressions
  • +1,453% increase in YOY Instagram engagements
  • 1,650 new Instagram followers during the month of January alone


  • 38% increase in YOY website visits
  • 6% increase in YOY visit duration
  • Over 13,000 recipe pack downloads

Paid Media

  • A targeted reach of just under 25,000,000
  • All CPC targets bettered

“Veganuary 2021 was our best yet, and Parallax played a crucial part in making that happen. The digital marketing programme was both well-considered and creative, giving inspiration to the tens of thousands of people who took part this year. We’re delighted with the results and are already looking forward to 2022!

- Andrea Harburn, Brand Manager

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