By Billy Lumm •

Parallax Launches Updated Website for ROCOL

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce another successful web launch for ROCOL – leaders in the world of advanced industrial lubricants and line marking systems.

Part of ITW – an American Fortune 500 conglomerate that provides engineered products on a global scale – ROCOL sells into a wide variety of sectors, from food production to metalworking to aerospace. Having initially updated their website back in 2012, we were called upon to give their entire digital presence a refresh fit for today’s modern web standards.

To get things moving, we ran extensive workshops with ROCOL’s sales and support teams. As regular users of the website themselves, they also deal with hundreds of customers on a daily basis, so were uniquely placed to identify pressure points and areas for improvement. This process ensured the design revolved completely around their most immediate needs.

With a number of other entities about to be folded into the brand, they also needed a standardised layout that could be rolled out across future websites. This informed a tight, rigid grid structure, perfectly suited to every possible device. Building the site on our own bespoke CMS – Expose – also ensured that updating content would remain quick, simple and intuitive.

The biggest challenge we faced was ensuring the new site offered improved navigation, whilst also keeping the layout as familiar as possible for all those regular users. Making technical content easy to search for was absolutely fundamental – visitors to the site needed uninterrupted access to product information, technical specifications and safety data.

The previous ROCOL website saw high volumes of traffic, most of which consisted of returning users keen to access technical information on a monthly basis. By integrating with Algolia we were able to take this to the next level and serve focused, intuitive results based on user research and behaviour patterns.

- Adam Jareh, Head of Front-end Development at Parallax

Operating as they do within the manufacturing industry, ROCOL have a higher-than-average customer base using older desktop computers, so it was crucial the website also supported browsers such as IE9. Any newer browser features we decided to use would also require fallbacks or alternatives. To ensure a sturdy build, testing needed to be a lot more extensive – we included older machines on top of the standard range of devices we normally test on.

The website launch was a resounding success, with client feedback on the finished site universally positive. As a result, Parallax has been retained to handle some of their upcoming digital marketing, including looking after LinkedIn, Youtube and other social channels.