By Phil Millward •

Parallax Perks: Flexitime, Headspace & Other Benefits

Right from the very beginning, Parallax has continually recognised the hard work of its employees, rewarding them for their contribution to the agency’s sustained growth and our consistently high quality output. These perks and benefits come in many forms, including afternoon video game breaks, team lunches, summer parties and staff nights out.

But it doesn’t end there. Our monthly Costco trips ensure our snack table is always full, our coffee machine is topped up and our fridge is fully stocked with beer and soft drinks. Work anniversaries and birthdays are marked with not only cake and doughnuts, but also a round of ‘spin the wheel’ – your chance to win anything from restaurant vouchers to extra holiday days!

We’re also signed up to Perkbox, which has some really great offers, such as free mobile insurance and discounted food boxes. Furthermore, we have access to the company Skillshare and Audible accounts to use towards personal growth. And then there’s our regular Hack Days – a great opportunity to turn your mind to something other than regular client work, leaving you feeling fully refreshed and ready to dive back in with new ideas the following day.

For me personally, our flexible working hours policy has had a hugely positive impact on my own work-life balance. We have core hours when everyone is expected to be in the office, but the flexibility of coming in a little later or leaving a little earlier each day is a fantastic way of allowing people to fit their job around their lives, not the other way around. This translates to valuable family time in the morning for me (including, on occasion, doing the school run), all without the anxieties of not quite making it in before 9am.

Another fantastic perk is our subscription to the renowned mindfulness app, Headspace. I originally looked into the app when I was diagnosed with coeliac disease – I found it really helped me manage both the mental and physical side of the illness, so I discussed it with our directors to see if we could roll it out company-wide. We got in touch with Headspace directly to discuss how it would work within the workplace, with a number of people initially volunteering to take part in a trial.

Headspace has really helped our staff deal with a number of issues such as anxiety and insomnia, and helped to improve general well-being. We’re using it to augment the existing support we provide, and we’ve had some really positive feedback. Keeping minds healthy is key to maintaining a happy, productive workplace.

- Andy Fitch, Parallax Director & Developer

As Head of Design, it’s part of my job to look after a team of digital designers that specialise in everything from UX design to illustration to motion graphics. With everyone spinning so many plates, an app like Headspace is a fantastic way to clear your thoughts and calm your mind. Mental health is no longer a taboo subject, especially as we begin to understand the ramifications of our ever-connected, “always on” culture. We’re increasingly expected by society to be available in some capacity 24/7, so it’s vital for employers to consider this aspect of their team’s everyday lives.

I’m genuinely grateful for the way Parallax is always looking at new ways to develop and support us. And our list of perks is always growing – visit our About page if you want to learn more about our creative culture, or head over to our Careers section to see our full list of benefits and check out our current vacancies.