By Liam Bush •

Parallax Launches New Website for Tilsatec

We’re proud to announce the successful launch of an all-new website for Tilsatec, manufacturers of high performance hand and arm protection for various specialised industries.

Known worldwide for their superior products, Tilsatec needed a new website to reflect their standing and introduce the world to their fresh new identity. They approached us looking for a way to upgrade their digital offer; to ensure they were optimised for mobile and providing their customers with a seamless user experience.

Based in the UK, Canada and the USA, Tilsatec originally had two distinct websites – one to service the European market and one for North America. We were given the challenge of merging both together into one master site, but keeping market-specific products separate by using advanced geolocation techniques.

Tilsatec’s specialist safety gloves, sleeves and wrist-guards are used across a wide variety of industries, including automotive, construction, aerospace and metal fabrication. Made with extra-tough Rhino Yarn technology manufactured at their Wakefield site, their extensive product range needed to be displayed in a clear, navigable way, and categorised by type, performance and industry.

Throughout the design process, the user experience was considered at every step, creating a fresh but familiar layout to give people easy access to the information they require.

The new site features shortcuts to resources, downloadable brochures, sortable product grids, an easy-to-update news section and enquiry forms on every product page. Subtle rollover animations and friendly text instructions guide people around the site in a non-intrusive way, with simple iconography gently letting people know they can tap or click to discover more.

The utilitarian typeface for the larger text is strong and articulate, reflecting the durable nature of their products and the heavy industries they operate in.

- Louis Savile, Head of Design

The design also needed to represent Tilsatec’s exciting new identity. “We wanted to create something visually striking, in line with their new brand,” explains Parallax Head of Design, Louis Savile. “To showcase the photography and quickly introduce users to the products, we created a swipeable carousel of images on the homepage, inviting people to discover up front what they’re all about.”

Taking the new logo as a starting point, we modified some of the feature photography by removing two corners to mirror the angles. “The logo motif is also used in the background throughout the site to tie the sections together and continually reinforce the brand.” Louis continued. “The bright yellow made a perfect accent colour for the buttons, contrasting nicely against the black and grey colour palette, giving a bold, powerful feel overall.”

The resulting website speaks for itself. From the very beginning, we worked closely with Tilsatec to design and build a website that offers style and substance, and we believe we’ve created something that truly befits their business – a high quality website for high quality products.