By Lawrence Dudley •

Swipe Right: How UX and Content are like Tinder

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With Valentine’s Day coming up, we got to thinking about love: the initial rush, the butterflies in your tummy, the craving for more. It’s a pervasive feeling, love. And one that we all crave. And yet many of us are so busy doing what we do that we forget to try and incite that kind of love in our audience.

Comparing digital marketing to a love story is nothing new, and print marketing was there first. You want to develop a bond between your brand and audience. Since the advent of apps such as Tinder, though, the two activities have become far more synonymous. You want people to get excited about every social media post about using your mobile apps and reading your content.

Just as users of Tinder do, your website now has a matter of seconds to make someone metaphorically swipe right, and be drawn in and attracted to your page. You need to have a clear brand image that speaks to a clear customer avatar, on-point UX to make the consumer experience not only easy but actually enjoyable, and with the rise of mobile marketing, it is likely to happen on a smartphone, just like Tinder!

Rather as we do when considering a potential match either online, on a dating app, or in reality, we all go based on appearance to make the split decision about whether we wish to pursue anything. This is why imaginative, simple and easy-to-navigate web design is key for your initial contact. It then falls to engaging content and high-quality transactions every step of the way to keep the interest. After we have made the decision about our potential match’s face (are they pretty/handsome? Do they look kind/compassionate? Do they look like they like to have fun?), next we look for compatibility: will they ‘fit’ with us? This analogy extends to how a brand and the consumer interact. We want to buy into brands we feel reflect who we are.

Building this buy in, this energy, comes from a tension created between curiosity and conversion. Real marketing magic happens by effective communication between you and your ideal consumer. And just as someone might swipe left on Tinder if the content of their bio doesn’t fit, so a potential consumer might ‘swipe left’ on your business for bad grammar, a misspelt word, or stale clichés. Ditto uninteresting content.

To create desire on Tinder, following the good photos, you want to read that they have the same interests. You want to feel a connection. And this carries through to your brand content generation.

You want to create content that is genuinely interesting and useful to your specific audience. From the distilled snapshot of ‘Who we are’ on your site, to every piece of communication you release into the world, use fonts, keywords and images that communicate deeply with your audience, and you’ll have created the same powerful aphrodisiac as that initial ‘falling in love’ stage reciprocated by apps like Tinder.

Whilst you may want to hire a digital marketing expert to make sure you use interesting language to ignite interest, you should delegate them also to communicate outside of traditional language. Not only using words, but infographics, video, engaging quizzes and images can be as impactful. Quizzes offer the dual purpose of gathering information about exactly what your consumers want and provide a fun way to engage customers with your brand.

Use emotive language that fits with your consumer and your brand. Have a clear tone of voice, which is consistent across communication channels. Essentially, getting people to fall in love with your brand comes through endearing them to what is unique about you, and making them feel part of a tribe.

We design websites and mastermind content campaigns for brands by communicating their morals, what makes them special and what they can bring to consumers’ lives, which results in a ‘right swipe’ that lasts not just a few months, but builds loyalty and longevity in customer relationships. From building bespoke software, getting friendly and design, development and digital marketing, Parallax help strengthen your brand.