By Liam Bush •

This One's For UEFA: An Infinitely Scaleable Recording Campaign

We’re incredibly excited to be part of the huge marketing campaign for David Guetta’s new release – This One’s For You – the official anthem of the UEFA EURO 2016 finals.

Working for UEFA in conjunction with sports group Perform, we created a revolutionary web app by utilising our in-house skills and a range of different technologies. We used Serverless (formally JAWS) and CloudFormation to orchestrate the entire platform in code, building a completely scalable architecture and creating something truly unprecedented.

The app itself invites thousands of fans into a virtual recording studio and gives them the chance to sing along with Guetta. Not only will their voices be included on the final song, the app also creates personalised album artwork featuring their name and the flag of their favourite national team. Ideal for sharing with friends, this allows more and more fans to become part of the overall campaign.

We built the web app in twelve languages, incorporating video content of the DJ himself and a chance to win a trip to Paris. It’s been thrilling for us to play a part in such a prestigious project, even though – from a technical standpoint – it was an enormous challenge. Find out precisely how we pulled it off in our interview with Serverless Code.