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Parallax Launch New Website For Arriva Bus & Coach

Arriva Bus & Coach

Following on from several successful project launches over the past couple of months, we’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of another new website, this time for Arriva Bus and Coach.

Part of Arriva plc, owned by Deutsche Bahn, Arriva Bus and Coach specialise in the sale, rental and finance of new and used vehicles, alongside first class servicing, repairs and parts support throughout the United Kingdom. They’re the UK’s main dealer for Van Hool and Temsa vehicles as well as much more.

Prior to working with Parallax as their digital agency, Arriva Bus and Coach had a very dated website that didn’t represent the excellent work that their business does. Whilst their existing website was useful as an online brochure, it didn’t promote the services that the business offers or display the stock in the best possible way. Much of the content was hidden away and users didn’t have the best experience.

After a thorough scoping process and content review, we went about designing and developing a new website. It was key that we helped present Arriva Bus and Coach as the market leader and increase overall enquiries for sales and service support in the future.

We designed a clear path for users to find exactly what they were looking for with ease

The first thing that we needed to do was to make it as easy as possible to find the type of vehicle that they desired as soon as they landed on the website. We added a really intuitive search feature that makes choosing between new and used, alongside the different types of vehicles a really simple process.

Arriva Bus & Coach

As well as making the vehicle search a far better experience, we spent a lot of time designing and planning the journey for selecting parts and servicing. We made it straightforward to find what you required from within the navigation, whether that’s braking, or engine components within parts for example.

Arriva Bus

Users are then presented with a landing page that shows particular parts and a call to action for more information.

Arriva Bus & Coach

We also improved the finance and offers pages, and additionally added a blog section for Arriva Bus and Coach to keep visitors up to date with any news. The ‘About’ page was reworked to show the rich and long heritage that the company has, featuring an interactive timeline, nostalgic photographs and much more.

Beautiful across all devices

We designed and developed a responsive website for Arriva Bus and Coach that would work across all mobile devices, without losing any vital content. This allows users to have the same great experience wherever they may be browsing.

Arriva Bus & Coach

To visit the Arriva Bus and Coach website, head over here. To learn more about what our digital agency does, visit our services.